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Björn Mombach is the face behind COASTAL COACH – Fitness, Surfing, Nutrition. He turned his passion into his profession and is now helping others to live a balanced, happy and healthy life. As a true fitness maniac he comes with a wide range of experiences to take your personal fitness and surfing to the next level.

More About Your Coach

More about Björn Mombach

After having finished his studies as a sports scientist at the University of Cologne, Germany, Björn spent one year abroad in Australia before moving to Europe’s “Little California”, Hossegor in the Southwest of France.

Here he started working in the sales and finance department for various surf brands, like Nixon, Billabong and Dakine. He also witnessed the consequences of today’s fast-paced lives and working environments and the health problems that come along with it for most people. Being stuck in a fixed posture behind a desk and exposed to stress and inadequate nutrition often results in a decrease of health, fitness, motivation and energy. Björn realised the increasing need for balance in our lives and decided to use his strong skills to help others to get back on track. Besides his business career in the surf industry Björn has also been working in several surf camps and other institutions as outdoor education leader, personal fitness and surf coach. He did this for years before launching COASTAL COACH, his own fitness and surf coaching company.

The 42-year-old holds several international certifications (ISA surf instructor, SLSGB Surf Coach Safety & Rescue, master of sport science, CQP Animateur loisir sportif, Coach Explosive Training and more)

Björn loves to see how his clients turn into the energised, healthy and fit individuals they had wished to become before they started working with him. Nothing is impossible if you find the right coach to back up your plan for personal happiness.

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