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Fitness is a personal choice and something that you have to earn. You cannot achieve it simply by buying a new fitness toy or filling out a membership card, sorry! With this awareness the adventure begins.

Let us find and set your personal goals and start the process by implementing a routine, it’s the daily rituals that will get you there. Whatever it is you want to achieve, become the best version of yourself!

Our goal is to make you understand your body better and move more consciously through life. A good fitness level will affect your life a lot. You will feel more energetic, stronger than ever and have more drive. A clear mind rests in a healthy body.

Be fit and happy – and you will excel!

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Personal training is the most effective way to achieve your fitness goals. One on one training enables us to monitor and correct every move you make and provides for maximum motivation.

After a personal fitness test, we will set your individual goals and start working out. When it comes to fitness the most important thing is consistency. Developing a solid base before moving to more complex exercises is essential. Therefore in the beginning we will focus on core training and postures to develop a good body alignment and awareness. This is the key to an effective training routine and a healthy movement pattern, not only whilst exercising but also for everyday life. During our training sessions you will use the body weight and effective equipment like sling trainers (TRX), kettlebells, medicine balls, stability ball and resistant bands.
Being very effective and time efficient we will work mostly with training methods based on different intervals and intensities such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Tabata adaptations. These methods can be done everywhere, at home or outdoors so that you do not lose any time and can start working out straight away.

No matter if you want to lose weight, gain muscles, improve your posture or get rid of back pain – with our personal training you will be in the best shape of your life!


FITNESS ON, also known as the “Björkout”, offers you a full body workout using the most effective training methods. High Intensity Interval Training (HIT/HIIT, Tabata adaptations) will improve your strength, balance, coordination, mobility and cardiovascular system all at once.
All fitness levels are welcome as long as you have no injuries. (If you do, please contact us and we will set you up for a personal coaching where we can respond to your individual needs.)
What makes FITNESS ON so special is that it takes place in an outdoor environment. Outdoor training is a great experience, especially if you don’t like the hectic and often noisy environment of many gyms. Small groups of people and fresh air is the perfect set up for effective training. For the exercises you will use your body weight and various equipment as well as natural features.
The sessions are adapted slightly according to the weather. If the weather is too harsh we have an open but sheltered training space to escape to.

FITNESS ON outdoor training sessions will allow you to:
- effectively burn energy
- sweat it all out in a short period of time
- get motivated through the team vibe
- have fun and feel good

What to bring:
Towel, drinking water, appropriate sports clothing (incl. something that keeps you warm after the training) and finally sports shoes with grip

Location (see details): Seignosse, Les Bordaines, public park (in between Salle des Spectacles "TUBE" and the big roundabout)



Fitness Gallery

Fitness Gallery


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Hossegor Region / Atlantic, France

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