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Enjoying the ocean and a surfer’s perspective is mesmerising itself! We cannot wait to help you find your way in this fascinating environment. No matter if you are a complete beginner or have already been surfing for years, there is always something to learn and the beach breaks around Hossegor offer the perfect set up. Make the most out of your precious time near the ocean and join our surf coaching!

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Intensive surf coaching tailored to your personal needs will enable you to progress in the most effective way. Depending on the conditions and your individual goals we are either close to you in the water or filming from land. Thanks to immediate feedback you will progress in no time at all. We are not a stationary surf school with fixed opening hours and being at the right place at the right time is part of our philosophy. Sunrise and sunset sessions can be a stunning experience! We will also share all kinds of information about this beautiful sport with you (eg. equipment advice, travel tips etc) and provide you with important tips for the physical and mental preparation that will help you to become a better surfer.


In addition, we have specialised in Surf courses for families. Here parents, children, siblings and friends can have fun together without getting "lost" in large groups. Moreover, teaching in their mother tongue (English, Deutsch) makes it easier for children to follow. Through our experience in experiential education, we also take into account fears or concerns that people may have about surfing. Therefore safety and fun is our priority. And as we all know, those who have fun learn best. A great experience for everyone!


With the extreme tide patterns and always shifting sandbars, the beach breaks in the Southwest of France can be tricky and being at the right spot at the right time is crucial. Thanks to our experience, knowledge, constant assessment and anticipation of wave conditions we will help you find the best breaks and get you the ride(s) of your lifetime!

Please note that this service is limited to groups of two persons and is not offered during peak season (July/ August).

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Student, rail grab...down the line!
Björn, cut back
Björn, cut back
Björn, wings
Björn, bottom turn
Björn, foamy glide
the feeling
student, 12 years
students, being happy for others
Student, 10 years
Student, 10 years
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Hossegor Region / Atlantic, France

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